Working to keep away arthritis pain and rebalancing years of damage

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The Joint Pain Solution

In Joint Pain Solution, you'll discover the tool I perfected that keeps away arthritis pain for me and my patients.* I call this tool the "Metabolic Tune Up", because just like a tune up for your car, the Metabolic Tune Up "fires up" the good bacteria in your gut. In a short time, The Metabolic Tune Up can rebalance years of damage to your gut.

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You'll Discover:

Going beyond the Metabolic Tune Up, you'll also discover the tools to keep your joints healthy. you'll learn how to nourish your joints and maintain a healthy gut for the long term. you'll discover…

Cell Regeneration

How to deactivate "bad genes" by supercharging cell regeneration, even if you have a family history of arthritis.

Benefits of Antioxidants

How antioxidants, like the kind found in dark chocolate and blueberries, can shut down a major driver of inflammation.

De-bunk Bad Habits

Why a skin or blood test is the WORST way to monitor arthritis! If you’ve been left in the dark, here’s what to look at.

The Right Vitamin B

Discover how to get the right one that’s been linked to a sharp reduction in the main markers of joint inflammation.

Rebalance Your Gut

Give your good bacteria a feast! Rebalance your gut & ensure the "good bacteria" gets nutrients it needs.

7 "Natural" Antibiotics

Unlike prescription antibiotics, these won’t destroy your healthy gut bacteria and helps fight off sicknesses.

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Ready to reverse years of inflammation and regain the body you were born with?

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Free Gift #1

5 Week Meal Plan To Success

This meal plan is alone worth many times the $37 purchase price. And that’s because each meal of the 5 weeks – breakfast, lunch, and dinner for 35 different meals in all – follows the Metabolic Tune Up to a "T."


Free Gift #2

An Ingredient Shopping List

Ingredient Shopping List for every single week of the meal plans. This means you can zip through the grocery store in one go. you'll never have to scramble to find the right ingredients.


Free Gift #3

80 Best Foods For Joint Pain

These are foods you'll want on hand at all times. Once the five weeks of the meal plans are up, you'll never be without protection for your gut flora with these foods on hand.


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12 Best Home Stretches & Exercises

I know, stretching is probably the last thing you want to do when you’re joints are aching. But how about sitting? And lying down? Those are the first two key stretches and they take just minutes.